Our group (Constructor’s group“Konctantin Ivanov”, Russia)is the creator and owner of the technology “Walking and Running AndroidRobots”. We have self-dependently constructed a number of robots with uniquecharacteristics.

Our main project:Robot Saddle-horse.     

Characteristics of our robotsfundamentally differ from those ones of the advanced worldwide-knownrobot-building corporations, such corporations, as HONDA and SONY.

Here is the list of our working projects:

1. Ostrich Robots Race at a speed of up to 70 km/h.

2. 100 meters RunningContest between a Man and a Robot-sprinter (100 meters per 10seconds).

3. Android Robot with a man “aboard” - “RoboCop-film” type.

4. Walking Tank Robot - “Star Wars III” type.

5. Robot Saddle-horse - our main project! Height(saddle level) - 180 sm, weight (its own) - 300 kg, maximum speed - 70 km/h.

The modes of movement developed for the Robot Saddle-horse:

1.    Walking.

2.    Running (Intermediate gait).

3.    Trotting.

4.    Galloping.

5.    Wright/ left turn with frontlegs.

6.  Wright/ left turn with hind legs. 

The modes of movement are being developed for the Robot Saddle-horse:

1. Mountain Rising - 20 grades.

2. Mountain Descending - 20 grades.

3. Transversal incline movement, and others.

We can work up and make everything that we promise.

We’llbe grateful for any friendly attention to our works and projects.

Thank you!

Konstantin Ivanov.



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